“Do You Want To Be My Wingman While We Go Out And I Teach You How To Be Good With Women Step-By-Step?”

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Over 25% discount ( special offer ends on the 22nd of June)

FROM WILL: This is a live infield event with a 3 on 1 student to instructor ratio, where you will meet more women than the average guy throughout his lifetime. This program is basically years of experience condensed into one week and will save you a lot of time and energy to figure that stuff out by yourself.

The goal is to give you as much reference experience with women as possible and help you to get your dating life to the next level within one weekend. It’s time to break old beliefs, that age, looks, and money are relevant. Being successful with women is a learn-able skill, that can be mastered by anyone. Clients from different backgrounds walk out of this program with a whole new reality.

Let’s take your dating life to the next level
Learn how to attract and date women in 7 days

  • We are going to create a program that is uniquely tailored for you as a client, based on your personal goals.
Before we take you right into the bars and clubs, we will have a short meeting with very specific questions to get a clear picture of your reference experiences and current sticking points. From there we know exactly what to focus on and can create a uniquely tailored 7 day event.
  • We are going to demonstrate and instruct you how to approach women in the streets, bars, restaurants and clubs.
This is the most effective way to understand the game, when you can actually see and experience it right in front of you how it’s done. Because you get the visual proof from the instructor, it becomes part of your reality. You will get motivated and inspired, because your brain realizes it is possible and a normal thing for even an average guy to get hot girls. It makes it much easier to give yourself the permission to do the same.
  • We are going to be your personal Wingman and approach women together.
As your personal wingman we will help you to deal with your anxieties and meet women in a very calm and smooth way. It’s always easier to learn new things, when you do it with someone together, who is an expert and provides a calm and positive energy to make you feel more comfortable during that process.
So even if you have never approached a woman, we will guide you delicately through this event.
  • We will provide you with the necessary feedback, so you know exactly what to change in order to get the results you want.
When you are by yourself and not getting the results you want, it can be hard to find the behaviors that you are doing wrong. As your personal coach for the entire weekend, I will observe your behaviors, such as body language, voice tonality, calibration etc. I will tell you on the spot what exact changes you need to make, speed up your learning curve, and save you years of trial and error.
“Regardless of what level you’re at you will learn a lot and shave significant time off your learning curve.”
William E. Berkeley, CA

Learn how to implement the theory

The problem is that everything you have memorized you will most likely only access in the same emotional state you learned it.
Let’s say you study for a big biology test at home and you are able to recall everything. The next day you are sitting in the classroom, totally nervous and can’t hardly access any content, simply because now you are in a different emotional state. There are so many other factors that have been putting pressure on you now (a teacher is sitting in front of you, there is a limited time, bigger consequences if you fail etc.).
We deliver the best knowledge at the right moment while being in the field together as your personal wingman.
Now you can implement the theory and actually know at what moment you have to be physical, say the plot line, go for the make out or take her home.
The emotional state you are learning on the Bootcamp, is the same you will always be in when you meet women. That’s why this program will break your old reality, get you actual results and change you permanently on a deeper level.
The same principle refers to going out and approaching women. With all your knowledge you go now into the night clubs. Overwhelmed from the loud music, massive amounts of people, gorgeous women, you get nervous and can’t access any of your learned moves or lines any more. Besides none of these interactions are all smooth and in a structured order, the reality of a club can be very chaotic and it just doesn’t go as planned at all. Things change quickly, and if you miss the right moment to go for the kiss, or can’t read the right signals then you end up losing the girl.
You need to take action and get actual reference experience by interacting with women in different venues and build the bridge between theory and reality.

“Our goal throughout the bootcamp is to reflect on your personal strengths and the areas you need to improve for a better future.”



You have to sign up at least 2 weeks before the bootcamp starts; otherwise you won’t be able to attend.

Two thirty minute Skype calls

Two weeks before the bootcamp starts we will jump on a Skype call to find out EXACTLY what we need from you and determine the best course of action. Then you are briefed on what to expect and how to achieve your goals.

After I gave instructions, you will already start going out and work on your sticking points before we meet in person.

By the time you arrive at the bootcamp, you will already have made massive progress and build up an unstoppable momentum.

Thursday – Sunday ( 4 Night Game Session )

9:30 pm – 3 am: bars/clubs/street – We take you to the hottest clubs/bars where we then demonstrate and instruct. You will SEE what it looks like to meet and create attraction with a complete stranger. Then you’ll implement it.

Sunday – Wednesday (4 Day Game sessions)

The schedule for both days is the same.

1:30 pm – 6:00 pm: We take you to a busy venue in the daytime and teach you how to meet beautiful women you see in everyday situations. After this sessions, you won’t just wish you could talk to that hot girl walking down the street. You WILL talk to her and know what to do.

You are closely watched and critiqued as you meet women. Feedback is given and then applied until we feel you know how to create attraction during the day with consistency. Filling your week up with dates from beautiful women will seem like a cakewalk.

6:00 pm-6:30 pm: Debrief – We will provide you with a game plan for the crucial days/weeks following the bootcamp. You will be given a specific roadmap to follow based on your progress over the weekend.

One Month Personal After Care

After those 7 days you will get one month of personal after care (to make sure you turn all those numbers into dates and continue to take action).

Private Facebook group

All my previous bootcamp students are part of this group.

Not only am I answering questions on there every single day, but also all the other dedicated students.

You are basically connected to me and every other student for the rest of your life.

I have coached all over the world, so no matter where you live, you will be able to find yourself a wingman to go out with and potentially build friendships for life.

Here is what we offer

  • Personalized Coaching: 3 on 1 student to instructor ratio tailored to fit your goals.
  • Natural & correct way to approach. Understand how to smoothly approach a women on the streets, bars, restaurants or clubs.
  • Getting physical in the right moment. You will learn to read the right signals (when to go for the make out)
  • Never run out of things to say. We will teach you exercises that make you talk forever to women
  • The right way to be sexual. Physical and verbal techniques that create sexual tension to make her want you.
  • Conquering your fear. Your fear won’t stop you any more to approach the women you want.
  • Making Her Laugh: Learn how to be humorous and have fun while approaching.
  • Attractive Voice: Create an instant attraction by having the right voice projection and tonality.
  • Life time access to my private Facebook alumni group

  • Over 30 hours in 7 days: Live infield coaching.

  • Getting Instant Dates. You will learn how to take a women on a date you just met on the street.
  • Minimize flakes. Create a deep connection with a girl, so she actually follows up with a date after you got her number.
  • Controlling your own emotions. You will learn how to make yourself feel good and be confident while taking to women.
  • Conversation starters: We will teach you sexual openers, opinion openers, physical openers, situational openers etc.
  • Taking her home. We will teach you all the steps on how to take a girl home to your place (day and night game)
  • Infield Demonstration: We’ll show you firsthand how it’s done.
  • Destroy Old Beliefs: You will learn how to get rid of beliefs that looks, age and money matter.
  • One-hour Skype coaching


Financial investment in your self is only a question of your personal desire and motivation. How bad do you want to get this part of your life handled?

Usually I charge $2000 for a 4 day bootcamp.
But right now you get 7 days for an unbelievable $1500.
I will be your personal coach on a 3 on 1 student to instructor ratio.

Considering you are even getting 3 extra days, that’s more than 25% off. But you need to act quick because seats are limited and the special offer ends on the 22nd of June.

You will have my 100% attention for the entire weekend and throughout the program we will work very close together.
After a short briefing I will take you out into the streets, bars, clubs, restaurants to demonstrate and instruct you, giving you first hand reference experiences on how to be successful with women.
We will make the crucial changes that are necessary to move you where you want be and save you years of trial and error.
Life is short, don’t hesitate, if necessary change your schedule and take action now. It’s time to step up and live the dating life you’ve always wanted. If you have any questions regarding to the program or payment, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
So much value for my money. I cannot come up with any better way to spend my money on than taking this bootcamp with Willy. It fixed things that would have taken me years to figure out by myself!”
Oscar S. Stockholm, Sweden,


On top of this life changing event I have decided to give you a bonus, to make sure you stay on track even after the program is over:

After the bootcamp is over you will get access to the very exclusive Simple Pickup Facebook group.
You will be able to get in contact with students from all over the world, make new friends, find wingmen and ask any questions you want.

This is an incredibly valuable resource you do not want to miss!
I personally answer your questions and concerns on that Facebook group.

If you are not satisfied with your bootcamp, we will give you a full refund.

You literally have nothing to lose.
Click here for our refund policy

Now is the best time to get this handled – so signup now and set yourself free on a path towards the success you’ve always wanted. Your Dating Success Coaches and Friends,

 I guarantee that you will find no program that is better for you in your education on Success with attracting and dating women.